Action plenary 08.05

🦥 Just sleep a few more times ... then there is already action plenary!

🤝 Um uns auf die Aktion gemeinsam vorzubereiten, treffen wir uns am 08.05. um 18 Uhr im Kiezraum (direkt neben Adlerhalle) auf dem Dragonerareal.

Come over for your reference groups and find out how we will stand in the way Tesla and what you need for the action.

🏕️ There will also be action plenar & action training on the camp. The journey is from Wed, 08.05. possible. In addition to preparation for action, there are also good content & great cultural events.

Hier findet ihr alle kommenden Termine:

⚡read the call to action here:

Here you will find everything to prepare with your friends:

Current legal aid brochure for Berlin and Brandenburg:

Together & en masses against Tesla - so that the earth stays our home! 📣


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