Invitation to the press conference on 09.05

+++ Press invitation to the "Disrupt Tesla"-campaign days from 08.05.-12.05. +++

"Disrupt Tesla": Invitation to the press conference in Grünheide on 09.05.24 + public action training and press briefing on the same day

Under the motto "Disrupt Tesla" in Grünheide from 08.05. - 12.05. Action days against the planned Tesla work expansion. We hereby load you on the occasion of these campaign days and the parallel camp “Water. Forest. Justice. For a traffic turnaround beyond Tesla! ”Sincerely to a press conference followed by a press briefing for the actions and public action training.

In addition to the camp, the diverse program and the demonstrations of the alliance "Testla the tap", activists will resist the planned Tesla work expansion through a variety of actions. The campaign days are followed by the clear no of the residents for the expansion of the work and the long -standing local protests. It was not until the end of February that the community of the community clearly agreed with 64% against the expansion of the work. The Brandenburg state government has already started to avoid this democratic will of the resident. In cooperation with the state government, Tesla plans to double its production of luxury cars to 1 million a year. Since the climate balance of e-cars, especially e-SUVs as they are produced in Grünheide, is only marginal better than from burners, the switch to electric cars does not solve the climate and mobility crises of our time. A further 100 hectares of forest would also have to be cleared for this expansion. The Tesla factory already consumes as much water as a city with 40,000 inhabitants. In addition to the water consumption, the contamination of the groundwater is also a great danger-by September 2023, 26 environmental Havaria has already been reported, including the discharge of 15,000 liters of paint. The water supply of 500,000 people is therefore at risk, since the entire region including East Berlin is supplied from the water protection area. The resource reduction for electric cars takes place globally under human rights contrary to human rights. For example, in Guinea, the country from the aluminum is mainly imported into German production, just 540 complainants against the land and water robbery by resource mining on site.

On Thursday, 09.05.24 at 12 p.m. Disrupt Tesla invites you to turn the rooster with Tesla and Tesla stop into a joint press conference. There we will inform about the camp, the protests and its actors. Following the press conference, the speakers are available for questions and interviews. Then there will be a press briefing for the planned actions to the press conference. In the press briefing you will receive initial information about the locations and the course of the actions.

Press conference:

Time: Thursday, 09.05.24 | 12 o'clock

Ort: Zirkuszelt auf der Festwiese Grünheide

Im direkten Anschluss: Presse-Briefing und Gespräch mit Sprecher*innen
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