What is Disrupt

DISRUPT is an alliance of groups that adhere to the idea of a just and solidary world beyond capitalism. We therefore place the question of the system at the center of our political action. We invite everyone to join us in the fight for a good life for all!

It's no longer a secret: every day, the capitalist economic system destroys part of our livelihoods for profit. Greenwashing, product labels and empty promises do nothing to change this. When we tell the story of capitalism, we also tell the story of exploitation, environmental destruction and neo-colonialism.

We are tired of stumbling from crisis to crisis and hoping that things won't get any worse. Neither the climate crisis nor other crises of the present and future will be solved by capitalism. Capital and nation states are interwoven and stand for exploitation, deadly isolation and oppression. If we are serious about a good life for all, then this can only be achieved outside of capitalism. 

We are people from different social struggles, but we are united by the desire for a just world based on solidarity. Some of us are disrupting the destructive system, some of us are building utopias. As uncertain as the future is, we are certain of one thing: there is no way around overcoming the current destructive system.

This's why: disrupt capitalism, create future

Our self-conception

1. Capitalism is the crisis. Capitalism is structurally interwoven with colonialism and patriarchy. The climate crisis, like the other crises of the present, cannot be solved within capitalism. Anti-capitalism is the glue of our alliance.

2) We fight against all forms of domination and oppression as well as the destructive exploitation of people, animals and the environment. Our common practice is therefore directed against sexism, queer and trans hostility, racism, anti-Semitism, ableism and classism, among other things, with the aim of attacking and overcoming these structures.

3. We fight against fascism and nationalism in a historical consciousness.

4. We see ourselves as anti-authoritarian and want to reflect this claim in our organizational forms. We want to create spaces that are as non-discriminatory and sensitive as possible. We are in a constant process of self-reflection and self-criticism.

5. DISRUPT fights for social and ecological justice. Our utopia is a good life for all in solidarity with one another and intact ecosystems.