Affinity Group Preparation

🫶 No one should feel alone in, before and after actions.

✊ Therefore, organize yourselves in affinity groups!

🔎 So so that you can take part in the action days in May, look for affinity groups now! Where can you find them? At your local political groups, in your circle of friends and at the next Disrupt/Tesla Mobi lecture or action training in your city!

👨 👩 👧 👩 👧 👦👨 👧 Affinity groups (approx. 4-10 people) take action together, look out for each other, take on tasks together if necessary or carry out independent actions. They are important in order to be able to organize us better.

❓ You haven't taken part in any action yet, but want to be in action against Tesla in May? Do you already have action experience and would like to refresh your knowledge?

🎢 Come to the action training! There will be considerations of civil disobedience, reference groups as the basis of actions, various blockade techniques, dealing with fears and their own limits, exercises in the finger structure, decision -making in stressful situations and a brief exchange of experiences on the topic of repression. Training is also suitable for people experienced in action.

☝️ Be sure to take a look at the notes on legal information and generate an EA number here before you go into action:

In addition, there is now a current legal-aid brochure Brandenburg and Berlin (as of May 2024) available here:

👉 Please come to the action in sturdy shoes over your ankles, bring a change of clothes and gloves!

Further practical hints, tips and great material for action preparation can also be found from SkillsForAction here:

🚂 You can find information about organized joint journeys here:

✊ Organize yourselves and become more resistant! We look forward to seeing you!

Love and Rage! ❤️

Current legal aid brochure for Berlin and Brandenburg

Current legal aid brochure

This brochure offers legal advice from activists for activists. Unfortunatly it is only available in german yet! She wants to support the resistance against the prevailing conditions. It takes into account the specific legislation in Brandenburg and Berlin and can therefore be used throughout Germany in large parts, but not in every detail. In the PDF version we have linked each section to the current legal text on the Internet. We stand in solidarity! No person is left alone!

You can find download and further information about brochure here:

Current legal aid brochure for Berlin and Brandenburg

Further material to help you prepare for SkillsForAction

Further material

Here you will find practical hints and tips to help you prepare well for demos and actions and to carry them out successfully and safely.

Skills for Action Training Manual - international, English language edition pdf-file

  • Handbook english version (Our new revised handbook in the international version is now available! Check it out! – April 2022)

Chapter on Legal Assistance and Repression - german

Here is a video (in german) by the Ende Gelände campaign summarizing the theoretical part of an introductory action training session based on the Skills for Action approach. Online-actiontraining

Guide Civil disobedience trans*, inter, non-binary and agender (= TINA) people (English/ Italian/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese) from the comrades of the trans action network. You can reach them by mail .

Handouts from the SkillsForAction training manual