Current legal aid brochure for Berlin and Brandenburg

This brochure offers legal advice from activists for activists. Unfortunatly it is only available in german yet! She wants to support the resistance against the prevailing conditions. It takes into account the specific legislation in Brandenburg and Berlin and can therefore be used throughout Germany in large parts, but not in every detail. In the PDF version we have linked each section to the current legal text on the Internet.

We stand in solidarity! No person is left alone!

Repression occurs on many levels: from the pressure that may be exerted on you by relatives to police and legal measures against you. Regardless of the action, it makes sense to deal with possible repression beforehand, be it state or civil law, and to know the legal situation.
Wir begreifen Repression als politisches Druckmittel, dem wir uns gemeinsam entge-
genstellen müssen. Wir wollen euch dazu die nötige Unterstützung und unser Wissen
weitergeben, sind aber gleichzeitig auf eure Aufmerksamkeit und Mitarbeit angewiesen.

We cannot promise a watertight answer to every question, because repression is not always predictable and depends on the tactics and strategies of the repressive authorities. But it remains clear that repression aims to isolate and intimidate. That's why it's important for us to emphasize:
We stand in solidarity! No person is left alone!